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An experimental investigation of communication with evidence
Jeanne Hagenbach  1@  , Eduardo Perez-Richet  1@  
1 : Ecole Polytechnique [Palaiseau]  -  Website
Ecole Polytechnique
École Polytechnique, 91128 Palaiseau Cedex -  France

We study communication with evidence in a collection of sender-receiver games in the lab. The theory suggests important differences between games with cyclic and acyclic masquerade relations. We find that receivers take evidence into account and perform better in acyclic games and with more precise messages. In acyclic games, they tend to be skeptic about vague messages, and more so over time. Sender types whose interests are aligned with those of the receiver fully disclose in all games, and sender types whose interests are not aligned with those of the receiver tend to use vague messages. When using partial disclosure, they are prone to systematic mistakes in all games.

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