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Does environmental connotation affect coordination issues in an experimental stag hunt game?
Mathieu Desole  1, *@  , Dimitri Dubois  1@  , Stefano Farolfi  2@  , Mabel Tidball  1@  , Annie Hofstetter  1@  
1 : Laboratoire Montpelliérain d'Économie Théorique et Appliquée  (LAMETA)  -  Website
Centre international de hautes études agronomiques méditerranéennes [CIHEAM], Institut national de la recherche agronomique (INRA) : UR1135, CNRS : UMR5474, Université Montpellier I
34960 Montpellier cedex 2 -  France
Centre de coopération internationale en recherche agronomique pour le développement [CIRAD] : UPR39
* : Corresponding author

We introduce illustration identifying environmental degradation or improvement into a 2x2 coordination game with two pareto-ranked equilibria. Our contribution focuses on the environmental character of the information provided through the illustrations, and its effects towards possible pro-environmental behaviour. Our findings have important consequences in terms of public policies. Incentives based on sensitization campaigns for environmental issues can be an alternative to economic instruments when implementing environmental management.

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